Supernacular was a game-changing life event for me. I came into it a complete stranger and I left with a tribe that understands me and loves me more than I could ever imagine possible. I have kept in touch with majority of the people I met at Supernacular and they continue to challenge my thinking in the most loving and nurturing of ways, and they continue to play a huge role in my growth months after the event.

I thank my lucky stars that I was given the opportunity to be part of such a life changing event, and more importantly I am grateful to myself for having accepted the opportunity with an open heart.

Since the retreat, I have taken huge steps towards self-exploration and self-awareness inching closer and closer to my purpose; doing things and being in situations I have only dreamt of! This was years in the making, Supernacular was the catalyst I needed to begin. Friends say that I have a glow about me these days. I say to my Supernacular family, thank you for being the catalyst of this glow.

If you are second guessing whether to attend this event, here’s my response – don’t, just go. You won’t regret it.


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