Vince Luciani


My life literally shifted after I attended Supernacular Weekend. I was introduced to like minded individuals who motivate, inspire and elevate each other every day. The unique and innovative exercises encouraged thinking below the surface and assisted in creating a powerful plan for our future.

Beyond the personal development, the connections and bonds that were created during the weekend introduced me to an entirely new community of people that have continued to support each other to this day.

I was also very impressed by the venue, the content, the food and the activities that were planned. Sahil, Joyce and Elan are first class facilitators.

The return that I have seen on my 3-day investment of Supernacular Weekend has been incredible. It inspired me to start my own business and has connected me to people who continue to lift and inspire me.

I breathed, I stretched, I hugged, I danced, I laughed, I cried, I ate, I hiked, I shared, I listened, I was inspired, I looked inward and I left fully inspired and moved by Supernacular Weekend.

Vince Luciani

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